Saturday, 28 January 2012

Versace Cruise Collection for H&M

Heyy Everyone!

I woke up this morning to a package from H&M...the Versace Cruise Collection!!
The collection was sold exclusively online on the 19th January 2012 and me...NOT an early bird...I slept through and by the time I checked...everything was GONE! I was slightly gutted but I only wanted the shower towels from the for me and one for my boyfriend. Anyway, H&M posted on Facebook the Saturday saying that they increased the quantities so I quickly made my purchase! It's the first time I ordered from H&M and it took them a week to get the package delivered!
I love the pink & blue colour theme on this collection...there were a couple of dresses that were so cute but I didn't buy them in the end...I normally wear a lot of me & vibrant's just not me...

Have you made a purchase from the Versace Cruise Collection for H&M? & What did you buy??

On another note, I am going London on the 5th-7th February!!! I'm going IMATS on the 5th! I've never been before and I've always wanted to go! I can't wait!!! Is anyone going IMATS this year?? I'm soo excited!!! :D


JanBan x


  1. ARGHH!! I SOOO want to go to IMATs! I always forget when it's on *boo*

    1. awww! you can still book your tickets to go :P