Friday, 6 January 2012


First thing first...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and New Year :)

Anyway, the start of a new year means January SALES!! I have been so busy that I have not had a chance to do any sales shopping except for Boxing Day...Did anyone queue up for the Selfridges sale at all?? I couldn't even get up nevermind queueing up! I got to town around 4-5pm which is so late...but surprisingly I managed to get a few things...I got the Balenciaga's L'Essence Fragrance & Vivienne Westwood's Naughty Alice fragrance giftsets :) You just can't go wrong with more fragrances in your collection!
Apart from that, I did head to Selfridges and there were still a few bags and accessories left in the sale which was quite shocking because normally everyone goes crazy over it!!! Anyway...I was just browsing around and debating whether to get something just for the sake of it and then suddenly...I saw the Alexander McQueen scarf...I just literally grabbed it straight away and didn't even look at the price. I was just so happy to find it since I couldn't see it elsewhere in the sales section. Anyway, it was just a little over half price - from £165 down to £82!! Such a steal! I already got the classic black & white scarf and to add another to your collection? Well, why not eh? So I went to the till and the sales assistant did mention that they just found the scarf at the back in the stock room and it was literally the last one! So I guess I'm quite lucky, and there goes me...a happy bunny :)
Okay, I guessed I lied about the January Sales actually...because I did buy a new toy to play with...but I just didn't go and get it myself :P Anyway it's the Blackberry Playbook!! I wanted it since it came out but I couldn't justify the price since I already had a netbook and PC...but anyway it was in the sales at Currys for £ friend works there so bonus! Got an extra 10% discount on top!! Thanks Julie :D Funny thing is, I managed to convince her to buy one and then after...she convinces her sister, Chau to go and buy one too!! :P
So now that the new year has I have any New Year's resolutions?? To be honest, I still can't believe its 2012 already...and I haven't thought of it properly yet...I guess I can think of some now! haha...


1. To blog more! I never know what to blog really, but if you have any suggestions, please comment!!!

2. I wanted to start a Youtube channel ages ago and I did start one last year...but that was a introduction...anyway it's deleted now! But I guess I can start again??? Watch out for this space!! haha

3. To eat healthier and be healthy because health is important!

I can't think of anything else now...Let's see if I can keep this up! :)
Anyway, what's your New Year's resolutions? Have you been keeping it up? Or maybe you just started like me :P haha

Oooo...Just realised...Chinese New Year is end of this month too...Year of the dragon! Time flies soo quickk :( Getting older everyday sounds depressing! hahaha

Take Care!

JanBan x


  1. u can blog about anything, like what you did that day what you ate, take pictures of what you eat and blog it, simple's that's what i do haha XP

  2. Oooh you got Naughty Alice, I'm jealous - that perfume is really lovely, I've had it on my wishlist for forever! And ohmygod, you have the black and white Alexander McQueen scarf?! Even more jealous, I want it sooooo badly! x