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Forbidden Planet
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Seafood Pancake
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Pork Katsu Curry
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Legally Blonde Cocktail, White Chocolate Milkshake & Iron Man Cocktail


Mummy's Birthday at The Grill - New York Street

Kenny's Birthday


Birthday Boy with 3 Birthday Cakes!!

Birthday Boy Egged & Floured!

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Little Brother & Daddy's Birthday

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Batman Birthday Cake!

Avenger's Birthday Cake!


Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters

Hey everyone!

Long time no blog! Hope you are all doing well!

I know it's late, and you have probably heard/seen all the swatches on this product rave - Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters. In the US, there are 20 colours available whereas compared to the UK, only 14. However, 1 colour is exclusive to the UK which is called Macaroon.

Here are the swatches -

From Left to Right:

||Pink Truffle|Sweet Tart|Raspberry Pie|Berry Smoothie|Lollipop|Tutti Frutti|Candy Apple||

||Creme Brulee|Sugar Frosting|Cupcake|Cotton Candy|Strawberry Shortcake|Peach Parfait|Macaroon||

(US Colours)

||Creamsicle|Gumdrop|Sugar Plum|Brown Sugar|Fig Jam|Cherry Tart|Red Velvet||

I absolutely adore these lip butters! It's definitely a must-have product! It's pigmented and it's moisturising so that my lips don't peel. Also I have noticed that some of the deeper colours leave a slight stain making it last longer. There's so many colours to choose from as well. The other 7 colours that isn't available in the UK, I bought them from ebay - Link & Link. My favourite colours are Macaroon, Tutti Frutti, Raspberry Pie and Lollipop.

Have you tried the Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters? What do you think of these?


JanBan x