Monday, 30 January 2012

January Valentine's GlossyBox

Hi lovelies :)

Woke up this morning and asked my lovely boyfriend if there were any post because I knew my GlossyBox had been despatched! But he came up with a letter (that is for him) which I felt slightly disappointed since everyone has their boxes. Anyway, he gets ready for work and once he opens the front GlossyBox was sitting outside my doorstep!

Having the special edition for the December box last month wasn't exciting enough...they made the January Box another special edition (in hot pink!) in time for Valentine's day next month :)
This box is full of sweetness...the card, the heart sticker and...a GlossyBox sweet! I love all these little detailing, it definitely makes it special.
So...what did I receive this month?

1. Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner (RRP £9.50)

2. ORLY Nail Laquer (RRP £6.96)

3. Weleda One Step Cleanser & Toner (RRP £9.95)

4. FAB Gentle Body Wash (RRP £13)

5. Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer - Dewy Finish (RRP £29)

I'm excited to try out the Murad's Primer since it's a dewy finish which that's how I prefer. The Weleda's One Step Cleanse & Toner and the FAB's Gentle Body Wash will be in my travel bag for the 2 nights that I am staying in London this Sunday! The nail can always do with another one :) I actually made a count of my nail polishes...I hav now got 78 polishes including the ORLY nail polish! I'm such a junkie!! But all in all I can't wait to use everything except the Eyeko eyeliner in Plum...I always wear black!

Anyway, how do you like your GlossyBox this month??


JanBan x

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  1. Got your same box. Bit fed up with nail polishes by now tho...