Thursday, 1 September 2011

imomoko Package

I've been quite ill this week, but the only thing that cheered me up is that my imomoko package arrived the other day! For people who doesn't know what imomoko is a company that specialises in Japanese & Korean beauty and skincare products. I used to order from Sasa but when it arrived, it charged me Custom tax :( so then after, I ordered from's affordable, reliable and quite fast delivery considering it's overseas (9 Days) - also well packaged! I do order from ebay as well only if it is cheaper or that I can't get the product from imomoko.

My Beauty Diary Masks in Chocolate Truffle, Aloe & Bird's Nest | Face Q - Ocean & Aloe Mask | Simply SexyLook Super Moisturising 3D Duo Lifting with Aloe Vera & Q10 | Simply SexyLook Duo Lifting with Yogurt extract & Berry essence

(All the above have 10 sheets in each box)

Ishizawa Labs Mangosteen Brightening Peeling Gel | Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers | Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Ex | Vess Wave Face Roller | Noble Cosme Facial Wrapping Mask | Juju Aquamoist Hyaluronic Acid Essence

As you can tell, I LOVE Asian beauty masks!! nothing compares to it!
Let me know which ones you like and recommend!

Take Care!

JanBan x


  1. OOOH!! I get excited just reading this LOL!! I got my Sasa package but didn't get taxed, I spent like over 250 USD too!

  2. lucky youu!! it was a while back but I didnt want to order again and get taxed i stuck with imomoko instead :P haha!! x

  3. That is so cute!
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