Sunday, 11 September 2011

Broken Compact :( ...Solution?

I absolutely adore MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish in Candlelight but when you drop it, it really puts you off using it again...especially when you can't get hold of another back up of it!! But sometimes when you break things, there could be a solution, let me tell you how...
The main ingredient you will need is Surgical Spirit (Rubbing Alcohol). I got mine from Boots 500ml for £4.45.
Now, because mine was pretty much damaged, I had to use something (dotting tool) to crush it into pieces.

Then...*forgets to take a picture* for easier control, I used a dropper to soak the damaged pieces to make it form into a paste.
Then simply, use (I used cotton pad) paper/cardboard/spoon anything that pretty much covers the compact and pressed firmly until you get a smooth surface.
And voila! Good as new...just got to let it air-dry for a few hours and it's use-able again. EASY!!

This method works for anything that is powder (blusher, eye shadow etc)

JanBan x

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