Sunday, 4 September 2011


So me and my two friends went to London today to visit. We got the coach at 6:30am so we would arrive there at 11am. When we finally got to London, we first headed to Camden Town since we have never been there before. Camden Town has 6 markets filled with stalls, shops, bars and restaurants. It was definitely a eye-opener for me since we don't have anything like that in Manchester. It was a 100% thumbs up for me despite the dreadful weather even though it did clear up in the end.
Unfortunately I didn't take much pictures on the day as I was experiencing the London-life and absorbing the culture. Anyway I did manage to go to Forever21 in Oxford Street, I have been to the Birmingham's Bull Ring before. My verdict? Well the store in Oxford Street does not compare to the one in Bull Ring. I remember when I first went to the Bull Ring one and not knowing where to start, where to look at whereas the one in Oxford Street seems smaller and not much choices compared to the Bull Ring. But either way, I still love Forever21...& London!!! <3

JanBan x

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  1. sounds like you had a lovely day. and OMGGGGG at the donut stand, i want to eat everythinggg x