Saturday, 13 August 2011

Makeup Storage

Helloo :)

Recently, my boyfriend have been moaning about where to store his books as his collection is getting I suggested to give him mine and get myself a smaller one as I only used 3 of the then a trip to Ikea it is...where I got the smaller bookcase so all my drawers snuggles in perfectly...also while I was there, I got myself 2 of those metal frame drawers too so I can put it under my desk and able to store more beauty/make up junk...

Lights on...

Lights off...

My bookcase :) The plastic drawers are from Staples (not sure if they still sell them) and the wooden one is from Ikea but it has been discontinued :(

I love the new layout! I shall be sticking to it now and keeping it tidy and clean! Normally, I have to choose what I want and put it on the desk and making it a mess, but since the bookcase is just behind me...I can just put it away while I am doing my make up :) Easy! Also, I put my dirty brushes in another pot so I will remember to clean them and put them away again :)

How do you store your beauty junk??

JanBan x


  1. i love your mirror with the lights on, where is that from if you don't mind me asking?

  2. it's from ikea! but you gota install it from the main lights...i don't know how to explain it...basically its not plugged in through the mains...if you get me? :P x

  3. What's your boyfriend like? he must be a saint to put up with your make up obsession?

  4. boyfriend is understanding and besides...he has a obsession of his own...i guess everyone has to compromise and accept someone's obsession even if you personally don't like it :)