Thursday, 4 August 2011


Hellooo :) friend from Leicester came up and visited and so I took her and her cousins around Manchester but also stopped by a few shops so I had to grab some goodies :D

MAC 235 Split Fibre All Over Eye Brush (RRP £21) | MAC 128 Split Fibre Cheek Brush (RRP £24) from

Topshop Powder Blush in POP & Powdered | Topshop Dot On Cheeks And Blend in Head Over Heals, High Five & Pinch (RRP £6 each) from Topshop

Garnier B.B. Cream Miracle Skin Perfector in Light (RRP £9.99) from Superdrugs

I have tried a few Asian marketed B.B creams before, the colour range is limited which is the same with this particular brand but even though I picked up the lightest shade, it is still dark for me! It blends smoothly and it smells lovely, the consistency of this B.B cream is similar to the ones I have tried before. However, the Asian marketed B.B creams is better and still more advanced. Even though their colour range is limited, I find that it blends to your skin tone a lot better unless you are very dark skin toned then you could try this B.B cream! I personally think this is a good introduction to bringing B.B creams to the rest of the world. I would like this product more if it matched my skin tone. The price? I think it is reasonable and average.

Have You tried this product yet?
What do you think of it?

JanBan x

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