Friday, 2 March 2012

MAC - Nicki Minaj & Ricky Martin For Viva Glam

Hey dolls!

So today I went to pick up the new MAC Viva Glam collection since it was released on the 1st March in the UK. I haven't been MAC lately, or shall I say a while...I don't know, I'm just a bit bored of the collections they have released...nothing tickles my fancy. But I am a fan of the Viva Glam collections and was excited when they released the promo as I do like Nicki Minaj! I was interested seeing what was Ricky Martin's product was like and it turned out to be a lip conditioner. Not only that, he is also the first male to join the Viva Glam Campaign! Anyway, since it's for charity and the full RRP(less VAT) goes to the HIV/AIDs fund, I bought 2x Nicki Minaj's Lipstick [RRP £13.50 each] and 1 Ricky Martin's Lip Conditioner [RRP £11] (I may buy 1 more if it's any good). So I'm glad I bought these since it's for a good cause!

Promo Picture


Viva Glam Nicki - A bright, opaque pink lipstick.

Viva Glam Ricky - A clear hydratant lip conditioner.

Have you got anything from this collection?

& What do you think?


JanBan x

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