Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Lush - Lip Scrub

From Left - Right: Bubblegum, Sweet Lips & Mint Julips (RRP: £4.50 each from

So I have got these scrubs about a week ago. I initially thought these were okay as it didn't scrub well on dry lips. But when I put a bit of water or vaseline on my lips, It works like wonders! These lip scrubs are amazing! The smell of these scrubs are so good just like the names :) and it taste so good too! (it has caster sugar and organic jojoba oil so it is safe to eat these :D)

Before these scrubs I would just use vaseline and use my toothbrush to scrub my lips, but I thought it was a bit too harsh. The sugar that's in the scrub is exfoliating enough to remove the dead skin that's on the lips keeping them nice and smooth.

yay for soft lips! :)

JanBan x


  1. nice :) i have the bubblegum lip scrub however how many times do you exfoliate ur lips hun? x

  2. my lips are always quite drying so I always have to put lip balm on it or else it just looks horrible when I apply lipstick on. I exfoliate them every 2 days or so just before it peels but it really depends on your lips :) x